Situation 805: “Should I break up with him before or after his b-day?”

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Good morning Danger, Loui and Beat listeners. I’m 26 and I’ve been dating this guy since October. He’s a really nice guy but I came to realize I’m not feeling him on a romantic level. I wanted to break up with him. My friends advised me to wait till after the holidays. I just don’t see a point to keep this up. His birthday is January 1st, yes New Year’s Day. I know that breaking up with someone a few days before their birthday is horrible, but I think it’s worse to have to drag it out & be fake. I feel obligated to get him, or do something special. For Xmas he spent a pretty penny on me and my parents and brother. I don’t want him to hate me or think I am ungrateful after he’s done so much for me. Should I just stick it out for his sake & wait till after his birthday to end it? Should I just get it over with & break it off before the year is over? Help! He’s a great guy, but just not for me & there’s no love connection on my part. I don’t want to lead him on.(email your situation to