Situation 805: “My boyfriend’s mom is turning out to be a real monster in law”

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I’m writing in because I had something happened to me over Christmas break, it was one of those moments you just wanted the earth to swallow me. Good morning everyone and thank you taking the time to read my email! I always listen in at work. This segment is my favorite. I have been dating my boyfriend for a year. This was our 1st Christmas together. We had a small get together at his aunt’s house. It was my 1st time actually spending time with his parents. I had met them once before, but then the pandemic happened. So we were ready to have dinner his aunt prepared. I got up and served myself. My boyfriend served himself & when I sat down his mom looked at me and said “wow you don’t serve him 1st?” I told her he always does it himself. After dinner all she did was make remarks on how her son should be taken care of. She was hugging on him the entire time and catering to him. I felt so uncomfortable. I know she was trying to send me a message, but I’m not that girl! I love my boyfriend & we do take care of each other, he has never complained but she still has that old school “we cater to our men” mentality. I sense a lot more issues like this in the future just from our 1st holiday interaction. How can I put a stop to her early on in the relationship before it actually turns into a deal breaker.

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