Situation 805: “So I met a new guy, but I’m still living with my ex”

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Hi guys and Beat listeners. I live with my “boyfriend” of 2 years. Last year around this time we both started to fall out of love. We are more roommates at this point. He even sleeps in the guest room 90% of the time. We both sorta accept, it is what is it. We agreed it’s okay to see other people, but we still hook up once in a while. As of now we are still living together because it’s convenient. It’s affordable and nice and to find a better place is not likely especially during the pandemic. Well I started working as a cashier at a liquor store. The owner and I have been getting along really really good. Nothing has happened but I feel this could lead to something more! He’s expressed he would like to have a chance with me. He doesn’t know my living situation. Although my roomie said he was okay with us seeing other people, I don’t think he will be okay that I’m moving on 1st. Should I bring it up to him or just keep it to myself until it gets more serious?(email your situation to