Situation 805: “Did I overreact by not letting my daughter eat cake?”

Dear Danger and Loui,
My immediate family and I have tried our best to stay safe from the coronavirus. We only go out for essential reasons, I work from home my daughter is attending school via Zoom. My husband is the only one still going to his job. Last weekend was my my husband’s niece’s birthday. It was outdoors and there was about 10 of us there. Our niece just turned 2yrs old so her dad helped her blow out the candles. I’ve seen his social media (he’s everywhere) and there’s no way I was going to allow my daughter eat cake after he blew germs all over the cake. My mother in law said I was overreacting and there was nothing wrong with the cake. She’s only 7years old, she was naturally upset. My husband supports my decision. His family still thinks I was being extra. I do have mom guilt since no one got sick. Did I take it too far? Was I being paranoid and overreacting or did I do the right thing?

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