Situation 805: “I need to make it up to my BF, help!”

Hi, I’m writing in because I don’t know what to do. I came from a somewhat privileged household. I am 25 and I have never had to do my own laundry or cook.  My parents wanted me to focus on my education. I just graduated from college and have a boyfriend now. We have been living together for 3 months. My boyfriend is a very hard worker. I wanted to do more since I’m not currently working because of the pandemic. Well the other day I wanted to take initiative and deep clean our apartment, make a nice dinner which was actually not bad!… and also have his laundry done. I was horrified when I took his clothes out of the washer. (Mind you I have never really done laundry on my own.) It was full of bleach stains. I tried to do a good think and I ended up ruining his clothes. He was very upset. He scolded me for not knowing how to do laundry. It’s not my fault I was brought up different. I’m trying to learn! I could tell he’s still bothered by it. There’s still tension with us right now. I don’t know how to make it up to him. I feel so bad. Help (email your situation to