Situation 805: “We have a guest limit for our wedding”

Hi guys I’m getting married in a few weeks. We had to postpone the wedding last year because of Covid-19. We were under the impression that the virus was under control and would be gone by Easter of last year like president Trump had assured us. Ha! So we booked the venue thinking a year later things would be back to normal. They’re not! I have a big family and my fiancé is literally just him, his sister, his brother, his parents, his grandma and his uncle (dad’s brothers). We have a limit of 30 people. Initially we decided for 15 guests each. Well my 15 spot filled up quick. He still has room to invite 2 other people. His uncle wants to invite 2 of his friends who neither of us has met. I would prefer to have someone meaningful to us or someone else from my family to take those 2 spots instead of his uncle’s friends even though those spots are part of his 15 guests. We decided to write in and have you guys decide. This is an intimate moment and think it’s weird to have 2 strangers there. He keeps saying it’s not that big of a deal and we will agree to what the Central Coast decides. Thanks!!

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