Situation 805: “I keep getting fired from my job but its not me!”

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Hello, Hope you can help me I recently got done with school, I’m 24 and have been applying for jobs. They have only lasted a couple weeks to a few months and this last one surprisingly about 6 months. The reason I have been fired is because my employers either get a negative reviews, people calling the store saying I am a terrible employee, people hacking into the employee WIFI and searching questionable websites under my login, also former employers calling my current one telling them to watch out for me! Who does that and goes out their way? So anyways my girlfriend who is 27 a few years older than me has always comforted me and supported me every time some jerk decided to ruin my job opportunity. Obviously its not me and I suspected some one had something against me and was doing all of this. My current manager got a bad review the other day and he talked to me about it. I told him this has been happening to me for a while now and told him my suspicions. He actually believed me and said we can look into it thank god! He said the review was from this particular username which looked like a fake account. I was so upset about it that when I went home I didn’t even mention it this time to my girlfriend. Then something crazy happened. I was on the couch and my girlfriend went to the bathroom. While she was there a notification popped up on her phone. I looked at it and it said, my place of business which I wont mention has responded to your review and the same name my manager showed me off of the review! My heart broke and felt sick to my stomach. Now I dont know what to do any advice? I’m so angry I don’t know what to think? Press charges? Break up with her? Maybe I’m over reacting and she needs some real help? Maybe I should be there for her and get her some help? What do you guys think?(email your situation to