Situation 805: “Do women want honesty or not?”

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Good morning guys so I have a question if I have a right to be upset. I’ve been with my wife for 2 years. I fell in love with the person she is on the inside, but also on the outside which is important too. One of the things I love about my wife is her long hair. I have always had a thing for long hair or really curly hair. It’s just a physical thing I find sexy on women. Well my girl decided to cut her hair short, like a dude. I absolutely hate it. She looks like her little younger brother. I obviously still love her but I don’t think the haircut is flattering. She didn’t consult me before doing it. One day last week she just came home with a new look. I don’t like it. I really wish she would of talked to me about it 1st. She said it’s her hair and she can do what she wants and doesn’t care about my opinion. I personally think these things, as small as they seem, should be talked about with your significant other. Why wouldn’t you take their opinion into account, don’t you want to be the best version of yourself for the person you love and want to make them happy? I don’t know, but I think that if my girl doesn’t take me into consideration with drastic changes like this, she can’t get mad if I don’t physically think she’s as attractive. She thinks I’m being a jerk but I’m just being honest. Do women want us to be honest or not? (email your situation to: