Situation 805: “$400 disappeared from my room.”

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Good morning guys. My child best friend came to visit me up here in Santa Maria. We’ve been friends since 8th grade. After high school she moved and we’ve kept in contact through social media, but we haven’t seen each other physically in 9 years!! We had a great time catching up. She stayed for 3 day at my condo. We stayed up late, drank lots of wine, ate amazing food and binge watched old movies. It really was a lot of fun. A few days after she left I noticed I was missing about $400. I remember stashing the money in my sock drawer next to my bed they day my friend arrived. I don’t want to even think that she could of took it, but I cannot find it. I have looked everywhere, turned my room upside down and nothing. I cannot image her looking through my stuff, let alone steal from me. She just doesn’t seem like she would do that, but then again I haven’t been around her in 9 years. People tell me I’m way too trustworthy with everyone and I shouldn’t trust everyone so easily. Well now I am in this situation where I don’t know if I should confront her about this, because what if I really did misplace, find it later and then this turns awkward. I have no evidence she took it but I really can’t explain this one. That was my car payment money. What should I do? Should I bring it up to her or should I just keep quiet since I don’t have any proof. It’s been heavy on my mind. What would you do? (email your situation to: