Situation 805: “Why can’t guys wear pink without being judged?”

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Hey guys, good morning! So my buddies and I went to one of our friend’s house over the weekend. We were watching the fights, having some drinks and bbqing. One of the guys that was at the house who is my friend’s friend was wearing a pink tshirt and some of the guys started teasing him about it and about his groomed eyebrows. At 1st it was kinda funny, but then you can tell the guys was getting upset. They started calling him derogatory names making fun of the LGBTQ community and laughing “all in good fun”. I thought it was messed up because we all have the right to express ourselves in whatever way we want as long as we aren’t hurting anyone and this guy became an easy target because the way he was dressed. I regret not standing up to the other guys. I didn’t participate in the teasing, but I also did nothing to stop it. (His wife actually ended up picking him up later that night) My 19 year old nephew is straight, he has a girlfriend and everything but he likes to dye his hair and paint his nails. He says he just likes to express himself and doing these things don’t make him less manly. It’s a state of mind not a look. I’ve noticed that his group of friends don’t think anything of it and just accept him for who he is. He’s actually pretty popular with his peers, big man on campus status. My question is why can’t adults (especially men) be this accepting? Why are we so quick to make fun of others when someone else dresses different? I think we should normalize wearing whatever you want despite of what society considers to be normal? How do you guys feel about this?

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