Situation 805: “My best friend’s son is such a brat!”

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Good morning to the 2 of you and to all the listeners. So my boyfriend and I recently became home owners. We haven’t had anyone over since we are still kinda in a pandemic. We both got vaccinated and we decided to have a little dinner for our friends that came into town. This is my best friend since high school, she moved back from AZ a few years ago. Her and her fiance have a 7 year son who is such a brat! We were in our backyard and he kept going to the front door and ringing the doorbell. I asked to please not do it and he smirked and waited till I closed it and he would to it again. He was standing on our coffee table and jumping off multiple times. He cut our neighbor’s flowers and threw all the pedals in our bathroom sink. The parents were well aware of all the things he was doing. They saw it. They would just tell him “No” and continue talking like nothing happened, it was funny to them. I was so bothered by their lack of discipline. I was not even enjoying our night every time the little boy wasn’t in sight. There was no consequences to his actions so he clearly does what he wants. I honestly was mad at my friend. How can you not see your kid is terrorizing everyone? I was so relived when they left. We are having our son’s birthday party in a few weeks and I am dreading inviting my friend because of her kid. I feel bad not inviting her because she’s gonna find out about it, but I also don’t want to be stressed out about him destroying our home. What should I do? (email your situation to