Situation 805: “I want to help my sister realize she’s not in a healthy relationship.”

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Good morning guys so my sister is dating this guy who has money. He isn’t the best boyfriend to my sister but once again, he has money and spoils her. You can say they both benefit from this “relationship”. I asked my sister why is she still with him and she said he is gifting her something she’s always wanted but didn’t have the money for. And in order for it she has to stay in a relationship with him. Their relationship is weird, but although they have the option to be with other people they always end up getting back together. He is aware that she loves the expensive lifestyle & he doesn’t mind splurging. She told me that she’s dumping him after she gets this last gift.  I’m not a fan of her boyfriend but I don’t think it’s right. My sister is getting a nose job and since it’s so expensive, she feels this is the only way she can finally get it. I’ve noticed that a lot of women and men nowadays normalize these types of relationships. Why? How can I make my sister see what she’s doing is wrong? (email your situation to: