Situation: “My boyfriend played a bad joke on me”

Good morning 95.7 The Beat! I am so irritated with my boyfriend. We spent the week with a few friends camping up north. We have been dating for 7 years. So I had a feeling he was going to propose to this weekend. Years ago we talked about perfect proposals and he knows mine would be out in the woods. Well he would make side comments hinting he was going to do it. We went with 2 other couples, and the guys also kept making little jokes all in good fun. I started to get excited, because he was purposely acting mysterious. On Saturday after dinner he got everyone together by the fire and he said he wanted to say something. I was like omg this is happening. One of the guys took his phone out to record my reaction. My heart was racing. He said “babe, you know I love you and I want to ask you something…” You know what this guy said?!! He said “babe, can I go to the Raider game with the boys. We accidentally bought tickets.” I felt so embarrassed he did that to me in front of our friends. He really made it seem he was going to pop the question. I was so mad at him for playing this joke on me. The guys wanted to take the blame and say it was their idea to ask for permission this way. Later on that night, he said he didn’t think I was going to take is so serious, and then he said…” so can I go to the game?” He didn’t really apologize and said I was acting like a brat. How am I not supposed to be upset? He knows my dream has always been to be a wife, not just a girlfriend or baby momma. We haven’t really talked in almost 2 days. I want to forgive him and move on from this, but he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong. What would you do in my place? Help

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