Situation 805: “My boyfriend’s mom is a wonderful lady but a horrible cook! HELP”

OMG you guys! I don’t know what to do! I want to start by saying I’m not high maintenance or a picky eater. So, you know how every mom has their own seasoning, or way of preparing food, and how we all swear our own mom or grandma cooks the best… well that’s what my situation is about. My boyfriend and I live together, we’ve been together for almost 5 years. We haven’t seen his parents in over a year because of the pandemic. Well next week we are visiting them up in Fresno for a few days. His parents are nice and welcoming BUT… his mother is a horrible cook. The dishes she makes are always made with pre packaged or canned ingredients, or just weird combinations. It either has zero flavor, or very strong pungent gross flavors. The point is that it is horrible! Her sons including my boyfriend all hype it up and rave about it when it’s actually garbage. I feel bad writing in because she is a very nice lady. The last meal we had that she prepared was a fish caldo(stew), with chopped up veggies and even pieces of chopped up hotdogs in it. Everyone ate it like it was flavor town. I couldn’t eat it. I tried. I could not get myself to hurt anyone’s feelings. I told my boyfriend that I was going to sneak out and get something through the drive through, you can tell he was a little butt hurt by it. Now that we are going to visit them for some days and I am dreading meal time!! He knows how I feel about his mom’s cooking and that I won’t say anything and we have planned to eat out BUT on Saturday she’s making food for all her family and I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I love my boyfriend and his family and if we’re going to be together, this won’t be the last time I’m going to face her meals. I don’t understand how no one else tastes it, so I can never bring it up. What would you do? (email your situation to