Situation 805: “Who should pay for the ticket?”

Long story short me and my lady went out day drinking. We haven’t had a day with out our kids in a while!! We had a blast and my lady’s friend agreed to be our DD. She dropped us off and hours later she picked us up. Everything was fine until we went to Jack in the crack and my soda spilled. Our DD got upset and I told her I will make sure to get it cleaned the next day. Her and my girl started to argue IDK about what, I was sitting in the back with my food. Well our DD ended up getting a speeding ticket while she was driving us home. The dispute is who has to pay for the ticket. She claims that since she was doing us a favor we should pay for it. My lady told her she was the one who decided to go past the speed limit, so it’s on her. It’s a messy situation that we don’t want to take to court tv. We had a meeting last night to try to squash this and we agreed to let the listeners decide who pays for the ticket. That way it’s not  bias since no one knows it’s us. Today we are asking you to help decide… who should pay for the speeding ticket? Thank you Danger, Loui and al the Central Coast. (email your situation to: