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Situation 805: “Girl I’m dating doesn’t have a relationship with her kids, but she’s cool with mine?!”

What’s up 95.7 The Beat. I have started to date this girl who I knew from years ago. We were acquaintances back in the day. We kinda hung out within the same circle. During that time I was in a relationship. I recently got divorced and I have custody of my 2 daughters. One is 5 and the other is 3 years old. This girl I’ve been talking to is really easy going, fun, caring she’s got me whooped! We just get along really good and we always have a good time. It’s only been 3 months since we’ve been dating. She also has children from he previous relationship. Her ex has full custody of their 3 kids. I am starting to have second thoughts of dating this girl though.

My kids are my whole entire world, and I cannot imagine them not being in my daily life. She comes over to my house a few times during the week and has met my kids and she is genuinely great with them! They have quickly gotten attached to her, and she to them. She is patient with them and goes out her way to make sure my girls have a good time. What has been bothering for a while is that she doesn’t mention her own kids or express that she misses them or anything. I’ve been around her when her ex has called her and asks her if she will be attending any of their sport games and it doesn’t seem there’s any real interest in her wanting to have a real relationship with her own children. I haven’t had a serious conversation yet to ask her what the deal is with her kids, but someone who’s close to her told me she didn’t want to have kids, (she was all about her, her nails, her hair, her appearance) , she hardly visits them and she was the one that wanted a divorce. I know she’s into me and no, not with me for my money, because I have none. lol I just don’t know how someone can be okay without having their kids in their life, but yet she’s been nurturing and doing a lot for mine. Idk if this is a red flag. Maybe someone out there listening can give me advice.  Thanks. (email your situation to:

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