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Situation 805: “Older women are throwing themselves at my son”

Good morning Danger & Loui. I’ve heard about social media drama with teens and kids and I have some concerns with my son. He just turned 17 years old and about a year ago he ended up getting an Instagram. My husband and I were checking on it here and there making sure he wasn’t posting any thing inappropriate. We recently went through his profile and we saw that there’s a lot of ladies following him. A lot of these girls are a lot older and some leave inappropriate comments under my son’s pictures & he engages back. Yes I do have a handsome son who looks older than his age, but he’s still a minor and I find it disgusting that women throw themselves at him. Some of the ladies that follow him are closer in age to me. He likes the attention he’s getting and he doesn’t seem to understand how at his age this is inappropriate. I don’t like where this is going, and although I can take away is phone/social media I cannot protect him when he’s out. Grown woman really try to make moves on him. It bugs me that my husband thinks it’s funny and cool and tells me it’s okay and he will be fine. If this was my daughter, my husband would be going crazy. It’s a double standard. Once he turns 18 he will legally be an adult. I want him to have respect for himself and not let this influence his life choices. I’m trying to teach my son to be a person of integrity but I don’t really have a lot of support. What else can I do to instill morals while he’s still under our control. Help! (email your situation to”

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