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Situation 805: “I feel stuck”

Good morning guys. My boyfriend and I have a 2 year old son together and we’ve been living with my boyfriend’s brother’s house.  My boyfriend lost his job last year during the pandemic. He was working as a sound engineer for different concerts/shows and once he lost his job we had to down size and I had to get a second job to help pay for rent while my boyfriend got his job back. The problem is that it’s been more than a year and he hasn’t gotten his job back, or any job!! I work 2 jobs and I don’t mind helping out but I am getting burnt out. After work I come home and the baby is a mess, I still have to bath him, do laundry and sometimes cook. My boyfriend is refusing to get any other job because he feels it’s below him to get a regular/common job. I had to step up!!  At this point I am ready to leave because he’s not contributing in ANY way at all! He’s so inconsiderate. The only thing is that I don’t own a car and I’ve been using one of his to get to work. He said that if I decide to leave that’s fine but I cannot take the car.  I need the car to get around. He’s not motivated to get a job to help support his own family. I feel stuck.Help! (email your situation to:

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