Situation 805: “My girl is young and not thinking about her future.”

Danger, Loui, Santa Maria I need help! Well my girlfriend is actually the one who needs it. I’m 29 and my girlfriend is 23. She has never had a job outside of her dad’s business. Her dad used to have her help him out with office work, and she basically did whatever she wanted there, worked when she wanted and it was her dad, so he didn’t really care. Well in December of 2020 her and her dad got into it, and she decided to quit. Her dad hired another person to help him. Her and I rent a studio. We aren’t struggling financially, but we could be in a better situation. Since she doesn’t have a job she goes out to brunch with her friend or goes to hang out at the beach almost every day. It does get to me that she’s not looking to build together. I don’t mind that she does those things once in a while but all the time nah. I have encouraged her to go to school and get a career in something she likes. When we have those types of convos about her future she gets uncomfortable and we don’t end up having a full conversation. She just doesn’t want to get a job unless it’s with her dad, but he won’t hire her. lol She does keep our little place clean and does all cooking and laundry. I like that she helps out but I’m still concerned about her not wanting to work. What if one day we need a second income or I’m not in the picture or whatever. I feel she’s young, and just living in the moment not worried about what tomorrow will bring. How can I make her see she needs to invest in herself, for her!! (email your situation to: