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Situation 805: “My friend brought fleas into my house”

So my friend’s house is infested with fleas since she has 7 cats. she treats her cats but her mom is lazy and doesn’t do anything to help the situation so it’s kinda up to her to treat all 7 cats. I have two indoor cats myself and never had a problem with fleas until she came over once and now my cats have fleas. I don’t want to blame her but I can’t really think of any other possible way my cats could’ve gotten fleas besides her brining them into my house from her clothing. I was wondering if it would be rude to tell her she can’t come over until she doesn’t have fleas? we usually hang at my house but I can’t stand to see my pets scratch like crazy. I’ve been doing everything like baths, sprays, pills, vacuuming, and laundry to get rid of them and they won’t go away so if anyone knows what I can do to help kill these pests and what I should tell my friend I’d really appreciate it.

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