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Situation 805: “My gf got mad for not speaking up.Once I did, she still got mad. Who’s in the wrong?”

I don’t get women! My girl and I went to Los Angeles. We went on a little getaway. After dinner, on our way back to our hotel we got an Uber. We were sitting in the back seat and my girlfriend noticed our driver texting. She hates when drivers are on their phone. She told me to say something. I told her that she could say something to him too, it doesn’t have to be me speaking up all the time. We got into a bit of an argument. Apparently it bothered her that I didn’t stand up and say something. She was quiet most of the ride. She insisted I say something to our driver. I realized it was bothering her, so I ripped the Uber driver a new one. I cussed him out and told him to put down his phone. He responded with: “relax, we are almost to our destination.” Things escalated and I was close to getting physical with this dude because he came at with me with an attitude. Once we got to our hotel my girlfriend told me that it was unnecessary for me to lose my cool, and she felt embarrassed. She went to bed mad and instead of spending the next day exploring the city we drove back home. It ruined our weekend. I don’t understand. She’s been acting like I should be apologize to her or something. I did what she wanted and she still got mad. Is it just my girl or all girls like this? Us guys just can win. (email your situation to

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