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Situation 805: “My man’s BF cheats on his girl while they are out…”

Hi guys and good morning. I’m a long time fan who needs some relationship advice if you have a moment. My boyfriend and his best friend work together and go out on Thursday nights because they have off the next day. I wouldn’t mind them going out if my boyfriend didn’t confide in me that his BF cheats on his girlfriend almost every time they go out. He’s got an alias on Tinder and hooks up all the time especially on Thursday nights. My boyfriend said he feels bad for his girlfriend and so do I and I’m very tempted to tell her. The even bigger issue for me is that my boyfriend is hanging out with a guy who is constantly cheating and I don’t want him to be somehow peer pressured into it. The hardest part is having to be nice to this guy when I see him when I really want to rip his throat out. Any advice?

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