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Situation 805: “My roomate has explicit posters in our apartment and its trashy…”

Hey guys I’m 25 years and a really big fan of your show. So I’m emailing you for some advice on how to get my new roommate to take all the obnoxious posters he has on the apartment walls down. It was his apartment first and I needed a place and my new roommate and I had a mutual friend who hooked us up. I didn’t even look at the place I just saw pictures and moved in. In the pictures the apartment looked great and it is, the only thing he left out is all of the nude girl photos he has hanging on the walls. I thought it was a joke at first but it’s not. He changed a few of the pictures in the last few weeks. It’s like living in a really bad frat house. It’s sad too because he’s clean and quiet and the apartment is really nice besides the wall nudes. So how long into being his roommate can I suggest we take down the nude photos? I mean I could never bring a date back here under any circumstances.

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