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Situation 805: “My Ex Husband Is Forcing My Kids to Play Sports.”


Good morning Danger and Loui, I have been a long time listener and often chime in on social media. Long story short, I’m divorced with 3 kids from him. Since they were of age, we always had them in sports. As they got older, their interests have changed and want to play sports less and less. Their father made bad choices as a youth and ended up in jail a few times. He signs the boys up for baseball, football, basketball and soccer, at times playing 2 sports at once, so they have to miss practices or games because of conflict with the other sport. Last year he bribed them to play football with a trip to Disneyland, and then switched it instead taking them to Six Flags. This year he threatened to take their devices if they don’t play baseball after they told him they didn’t want to. I have explained to him that he can’t live vicariously through them, or reclaim what HE lost in his youth. I know he’s building resentment in the boys by forcing them to play, so my question is, am I wrong to defend my boys in this situation?

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