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Situation 805: “Am I being an overprotective parent…?”


Hey guys and good morning. I’m emailing you because I’m having an issue with my in-laws and need some advice. So my kids are 1 and 3 and my in-laws use to live about 45 minutes away so they never went to their house much, they always came to us. The big reason we never went to their house was that they both smoke about a pack a day and they smoke in the house. It grosses my husband out just as much as it grosses me out. Well now they moved closer because they say they want to be near us and the kids which is nice but they still smoke in their house and I don’t want my kids spending to much time over there. My husband asked them to stop smoking but they are in their 60’s and refuse to quit. I feel like they are choosing cigarettes over their family and now we’re having a little bit of a conflict about it. They promise they wont smoke in front of the kids when they are over but still it’s not a healthy situation. What should my husband and I do to not create a big falling out with his family?

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