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Situation 805: “I met with my High School ex and I’m still in love”


I need your advice. I am married with 2 kids and recently reconnected with my high school boyfriend. We reconnected on Facebook and then met up for coffee. When we saw each other, we both knew that we were still in love after 8 years later. My high school ex is recently divorced with no kids. We have been talking on the phone every other day since seeing each other. Lots of text messages back and forth. I love my husband but the energy and electricity is not in the same. The love with my high school ex is . . .knowing. It’s innocent. It’s like he just knows me better because he knew me younger. Nothing has happened physically. But I know my ex is also having an affair with me emotionally. I love my husband. I have kids with my husband. But… the love isn’t L O V E. What should I do?

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