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Situation 805: “My Girlfriend still talks to her Ex’s family!”


Hey guys and good morning. I’m emailing you because I’m having a serious problem with my girlfriend and don’t know what to do about it. We’ve been dating for a year and when I met her she told me she was still close with her ex’s family because they dated for 6 years. I had no problem with it because I’m a secure guy and understand that you can get emotionally attached in a relationship. So with that said everything was fine. I even had dinner with her ex’s sisters a few times and really liked them. The thing is that every time we have a problem she calls her ex’s mom or sisters to talk about it. Can’t she call her own family? We’ve had our arguments but nothing too major. I just feel a lot of added stress every time one of her ex’s family members get involved. Listen I don’t expect her to cut off communication with them but I do want some space. How do I ask her to stop telling her ex’s family all about our relationship?

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