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Situation 805: “My girlfriend left me because I was watching adult vids behind her back…”


Hello guys, I’m miserable at the moment. I need my girlfriend now ex gf to know that I understand why she broke up with me. I broke her promise, our promise was for me not to lie anymore. I broke that promise by going behind her back. Basically using her pics that she sent me and adult videos to have a good time if you catch my drift. She was able to notice right away, she said I cheated but I don’t know or why that’s cheating? I understand why she thinks like that because these fake women aren’t real and she questioned if she wasn’t enough. This is my first relationship at the age of 25, I really felt like she’s was the one. I felt that we had a bright future ahead of us and the best gf I’ll ever have. I need help please! Should I try to get her back or maybe I just let it go and let time heal the wound in my heart?

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