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Situation 805: “Is the guy I’m dating too good to be true…?”


Hey guys I’m new to your show and can’t tell you guys how much I love listening every day. I have a guy question because I’m having trouble reading a guy that I just started dating. Long story short I went on a 4th date with a guy I met online a few weeks ago and he seems too good to be true. I’m a little guarded when it comes to dating because I’ve been hurt in the past and it takes a lot to gain my full trust. He’s got a good job, dresses well and has been a great so far. The other night at the end of our date I had to use the bathroom and he told me I could come up and use his in his apartment and I said ok. It was the first time I was in his apartment and it looked like an IKEA store. He had, books in bookshelves, paintings on the walls, wine in a wine rack and candles everywhere. It was almost too nice and I told him it reminded me of a serial killers home which he thought was funny. When I told my roommate about his place she told me I was just looking at the worst of things and not the fact that he might be a really great guy who has nice place and takes care of himself. She told me she would love to go out with him if I really don’t want to get serious with him. So is this guy too good to be true or am I just being a skeptic?

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