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Situation 805: “Is he just with me because I have money?”


Good morning 805. My father passed away when I was a teenager and when I turned 18, I inherited a lot of money, like a lifetime’s worth of money. I’m 24 now and my BF of two years didn’t know about the money for the first six months that we dated. I almost always pay for everything, dinner, dates etc. I don’t mind paying for things because I can afford it, there was one time we were going on vacation and I didn’t want to go to the destination he picked and I told him that I would go but he would have to pay for the trip. He got upset. We argued because I was firm on not paying for the trip. Then I wondered if he was with me because of the money. He gets an attitude whenever I say no to a purchase. When we got in a fight recently, I asked him and he got so mad at me. He didn’t answer me and now things are bad between us. I’ve apologized, but he doesn’t seem to be getting over it. Have I ruined our relationship? How can I fix this? (email your situation to:

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