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Situation 805: “My son’s friend is very spoiled and now my son is starting to resent me”


Hey guys and good morning. I’m a single mom of a 10 year old boy and needed a little advice from all the other listeners if you have a few minutes? So like I said I have a 10 year old son and he has a lot of friends but one that he likes to play Roblox with when they have free time. I limit him to only an hour in the morning and hour at night when it comes to screen time. His friend on the other hand is calling him all day to play games on line together. When the kid comes over for a play date he brings all of his electronics, phone, switch, iPad etc. I tell them they have to play outside if it’s a nice day out and the kid seems annoyed but too bad. Anyway his parents have money and like I said I’m a single mom an live check to check. They kids parents let him play online all day and buy whatever he wants. I let my son buy a Roblox credits or whatever they are for his birthday and Christmas. The problem is that my son can’t understand why he’s not allowed to get all the same stuff his friend gets. I don’t want to make a big deal about the money because the real truth is that his friend is really spoiled. I told my son if we had all the money in the world I still wouldn’t buy him whatever he wanted. I’m not mad at his friend but his friend’s parents I’m a little frustrated with. They never have play-dates at their house and then all of this other stuff is making me upset. Would it be crazy to talk to the mom about not letting her son brag to mine about all of the stuff they buy him? Would I be out of line doing that?

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