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Situation 805: “My son’s pranks are going to get his a$$ kicked”


Hey guys! It appears that my son’s life ambition has become being a social media prankster. He spends days thinking up pranks that he then posts online. Recently, I found a document on his computer that detailed many that were possibly illegal, but 100% likely to get his a** kicked by someone. I’ve given him warnings and stressed what a bad idea these things were but got the typical teenage eye-roll that you’d expect. After talking it over with his mom, I’m convinced the only meaningful impact will come from when he screws up so bad that he has to pay some kind of price for it. She thinks I need to step in more. I think he’ll keep doing what he wants until he learns the hard way that there are consequences…I mean…I can only warn him so many times. Who’s right? (email your situation to:

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