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Situation 805: “I want money not kids…”


Hey guys! I’m an only child, and my stance on breeding has somehow caused controversy among my family members. I’m almost 30 years old, and my parents have a growing tendency to remind me how amazing it would be to be grandparents. There’s just one problem…I have no interest and would much rather spend my money on myself or save it for myself. I don’t want kids, like kids, or have the time for kids. I enjoy my life too much…and I am admittedly selfish in that regard…with no apologies. I understand where my folks are coming from, but it’s my life, and that’s really the end of it. These conversations are getting more and more aggravating to me…how do I put an end to them without appearing mean-spirited or like I have no understanding of what they want? I understand…I’m just not interested.

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